dinsdag 23 september 2014

Happy birthday Hartmut!

Dear Hartmut,
Happy 29th birthday, I know you already enjoyed the other gifts but here is my final gift; 29 reasons why I love you!

I love you because
  1. You are so patient and humble
  2. Your passion for serving and equipping people in inspiring
  3. Our daughter loves you. I see the excitement in Sophie’s eyes when she sees you or hears your voice.
  4. You are the most servant hearted person I have ever met
  5. You make me a better and more stable me
  6. You make this new journey of parenthood so much fun and so easy
  7. I never heard you say: ‘I can’t build that for you. It is too difficult’. You always make a plan.
  8. Your loyalty is inspiring
  9. You stop me when I need to me stopped and encourage me when I need to go
  10. You look amazing in your suit
  11. You look equally amazing in the most baggy work clothes, or in your dirty soccer kit
  12. I can cook anything and you will eat it, even pretending that it is nice (well, maybe apart from that bean salad I made)
  13. You are so diligent in maintaining everything we own
  14. your hair is the best!
  15. You never complain about my unwillingness to iron
  16. You are so patient when I make mistakes
  17. You let Sophie and me fly to Holland for almost two weeks
  18. You always take out the trash and the bin on bin-day
  19. You are wise with money
  20. You were the most amazing support while I was in labour and gave birth
  21. Your silly jokes make me giggle like a little girl
  22. You do the dishes even when my cooking makes the kitchen seem like a bomb exploded 
  23. Your faithfulness in reading the bible and praying for our little family
  24. I love the way you translate the Dutch songs I sing for Sophie into German
  25. Your eagerness to learn new things
  26. Your pride when you carry Sophie in the wrap
  27. The way you comfort me when I am worried.
  28.  You make the best breakfasts
  29. You are my best friend, and will always be!
ps; sorry that we have chosen your birthday to fly away for 2 weeks :-(

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