maandag 23 september 2013

Happy Birthday Hartmut!

Dear Hartmut,
I can’t believe it, you are 28 today, I am married to an old man ;-) I am grateful for a new year in your life and thrilled that I get to spend it with you. Life with you is an amazing adventure for which I am very grateful. Here are 28 things I love about you, in no particular order.
  1. The way you stick to your promises
  2. Your excitement about eating ice cream, any time of the day
  3. You are so supportive of my dreams
  4. The way you look when you are dressed for work
  5. Your broad and genuine smile
  6. Your eye for detail
  7. The crazy nicknames you give me
  8. That you try to steal and eat the dough, every time I am baking
  9. How you want to follow Christ in everything you do
  10. Your amazing curly hair
  11. How you put up with my forgetfulness and clumsiness
  12. The way you organise the finances for our little family
  13. Your dedication to the things you do
  14. How you love road trips just as much as I do
  15. You are a very patient teacher
  16. Your skill and creativity when it comes to decorating our house
  17. You are easy to miss (and boy, I do miss you every time I am away)
  18. Your unconventional romantic ideas
  19. The way you (pretend to) like everything I cook for you
  20. You are not afraid to tell me ‘no’ when I need to hear it
  21. You dance with me and tickle me until we can’t stop laughing
  22. Your winks just make me melt
  23. The way you get up early every morning to spend time with God
  24. How excited you get about seeing power lines and transformers (even though I do not understand that)
  25. The way you work so hard to provide for us
  26. Your emails to me when you come across things that might interest me during the day
  27. The way you challenge me to become a better version of me
  28. You are my bestest and most beloved friend

Let the cake-eating begin!
I love you,


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  1. Thanks Love....that was a very special post! Thanks for the present.

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